A Plush Red Apartment with Rustic Accents

A Plush Red Apartment with Rustic Accents

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Red can be a difficult color to work with when it comes to interior design. Too much red and a space can end up feeling hostile and loud, very far from the tranquil and inviting atmosphere that most people want. This apartment, located in Kyiv, Ukraine and brought to us by visualizer Alesya Kasianenko, uses red as a beautiful accent but does not overdo it. Instead, this home feels vibrant and welcoming. Further, modern elements weave their way through every room, but there are still many rustic features that give the apartment just a touch of the outdoors.

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The main living space of the apartment is an open plan, encompassing a plush seating area, dining room, and small kitchen. It is in this cozy public space that the red element is felt most heavily.

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It is important to point out that the color red is thought to be symbolic in certain parts of the Ukraine, representing love and positivity. Small, warm elements like decorative candles only add to this idea.

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Although the living area does not have a great deal of square footage in this apartment, there is space for a unique coffee table nestled next to the modern sofa.

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Looking out from the seating area into the kitchen, the red element starts to dissipate, melting into softer grays and whites.

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Mismatched dining chairs in red and gray add an extra modern element to the decor while a patterned area rug has its own rustic appeal.

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The entryway design has quite a bit of personality, with the hanging snowboards and wonderful seating and storage area in a dark, distressed wood.

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The wood of the seating area in only one of three wood styles in this space, with chevron wood flooring and wood wall paneling completing the look.

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A frosted dividing wall keeps this area separate from the bedroom and has a bit of cross-stich style appeal.

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In the bedroom, the floor bed design is quite unique, finding the bed lying directly on the floor.

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Another modern element in this cozy bedroom is the suspended egg chair in the corner.

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This chair would be the perfect spot to snuggle up with a book on a snowy Ukrainian afternoon.

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The floor bed design certainly has its own cozy appeal as well.

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In the bathroom, dark colors and the rustic style return with green tiles and natural wood cabinetry.

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The natural wood grain really shines through in the sink, with an uneven design making it look like a tree brought directly from the forest.

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The grays and greens are a bit different than the color scheme in the rest of the house, but the result is a standalone room that looks stylish and modern.

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