50 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

50 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

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As the weather gets warmer, we all start spending more of our time outdoors. Our attention shifts from interior design projects to our outdoor spaces. Warmer months mean the chance to sit in the sunshine and enjoy cooking and eating meals with family and friends out in the fresh air. But, is your garden up to scratch for entertaining? If your backyard looks like it’s in need of a little tender loving care - or maybe an injection of some wow factor - then you’re in the right place. This patio design collection presents 50 gorgeous ideas on how to expertly present your al fresco dining and open air lounge areas.

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  • Designer: Clements Design
When considering how to design a patio, you must first map out what you aren’t able to change, like any established shrubs and trees. Rather than seeing these things as roadblocks to your patio design ideas, use these unmovable items as inspiration in the shaping or locating of your new garden area.

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Warm summer days can still bring chilly winter nights. If you want to sit out long into the cooler evenings, or entertain way into the small hours, then it’s a good idea to incorporate a roaring outdoor fireplace into your backyard patio design.

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  • Designer: Clements Design
Why stop at just one outdoor patio design if you have the space to enjoy several? This sprawling garden offers up multiple patio ideas. A sociable lounge, an al fresco dining area and a couple of decks at the sides are all connected by contemporary stepping stone slabs.

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A sun patio tops this multi-level garden, nestled under a pergola. It is accessed by concrete steps via a dining deck. Another set of steps lead down to a plunge pool behind glass balustrades.

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This enclosed patio design is achieved with heavy planting overhead, and sheer voiles hung like banners to form a flowing wall. The voiles are knotted at their base to give them a little weight in the breeze. A romantic chandelier lights the outdoor dining table and Panton S Style chairs, as does a set of twinkling storm lanterns and table tealights. You can get the curvaceous Panton S Style Outdoor Chair here.

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A half covered pergola provides areas of both light and shade around this quaint outdoor dining spot. A simple pendant light hangs at its centre.

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Built-in seating can be constructed in solid concrete and dressed with cushions that are to be stowed away in winter months. The permanent seating structures can be used to create the perimeter of an outdoor room.

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  • Photographer: Dabito
This covered patio design features a hanging swing seat ina natural cane finish. The flooring is a stunning geometric tile in a joyful blue colourway; orange cushions on the outdoor sofa provide a stripe of warm contrast. The fence constructed around the seating has been stained ebony black for added drama. Two decorative plates hang on the fence to make it appear like a traditional room.

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Backyard patio ideas abound here: A meeting of outdoor rugs in different hues and shapes, mismatched scatter cushions and throws brighten neutral rattan furniture, colour pop accent chairs and side tables with quirky candlesticks and bowls, statement pendant lighting and a woven screen to make the whole ensemble feel cosy and complete.

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If clashing multi coloured accessories just aren’t your happy place, then how about choosing just one bold statement colour. This modern patio design is a dreamy vision in purple, teamed with natural accents and lush green planting. A striped rug reflects the slat lines of the overhead pergola roof, as well as adding some smart panache.

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  • Designer: Elysian Landscapes
This hot tub patio design incorporates two stunning tile patterns to make it a stand out space. Also note how the concrete walls have been painted a beautiful shade of blue to complement the tile colour. Pale blue pillows on the outdoor chaise add a finishing touch to the scheme.

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Patio paver design ideas can incorporate pattern without the need for intricate and expensive tiling. You can use a combination of slabs and gravel to make patterns too.

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  • Designer: Luciano Giubbilei
This simplistic design patio lets the highly manicured garden topiary and large garden sculpture take the limelight.

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  • Designer: Secret Gardens
Minimalist gardens can be created with concrete patio design ideas that are pale in tone, and provide neat built in planters around the border. Low-level low-key garden furniture completes the look.

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  • Designer: Luciano Giubbilei
A concrete patio design can be teamed with areas of block paving to change things up a bit.

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  • Designer: Michael Lee
Outdoor lighting for borders deserves a spot in our round up of patio decorating ideas too. Uplighting plants gives a dramatic and warm effect, and extends the hours you can use your garden.

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  • Designer: Designs By Sundown
Another take on the outdoor fireplace – not one for homes with young children though. This small patio design also has a substantially sized built-in bench, which proves that you don’t need a huge area to create an impressive and functional outdoor entertaining space.

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One cantilevered end extends from this bespoke garden bench. A matching coffee table balances on a semi-spherical base.

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The backrest of this concrete bench extends all the way to the sides of some patio steps.

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Belonging to a greenfingered homeowner, this simple patio design lets the plants do all the talking.

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This patio landscape design holds linear beds of grasses and a tree lined border. A couple of lanterns hang from a nearby tree to help light evening festivities along with the log fire pit.

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  • Designer: Harrisons Landscaping
Patio design plans can be linked to interior spaces. Select interior and exterior flooring in the same tone to create a seamless look.

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This neat narrow pool and patio design is a little slice of luxury.

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Water features are an ever popular part of garden design and they work superbly when combined with outdoor patio design ideas, like this triple pond creation with decked walkways.

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A bit of creative planting can be all the wow factor you need. Vertical planting is a great way to inject more natural beauty into small patio design ideas.

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  • Designer: Marylou Sobel
You can take vertical planting up as high as you dare.

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Covered patio ideas include solid roofs that shelter from rainfall, awnings to shade well from sun, or a pergola canopy for areas of light and shade. Open rafters mean that you can weave plants through the beams, and are solid enough to hang an outdoor light.

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For a change in texture, consider a deck over concrete patio design.

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Remember to cater for the little ones too by adding a few kids chairs.

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  • Designer: Peter Fudge Gardens
Gravel sections can be uncomfortable underfoot – especially on barefoot summer days! Add stepping stones to areas of loose chippings, you’ll thank us for it.

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A natural or uneven edge adds extra character to a patio area.

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Dress your new spot with an outdoor rug. You can pick up trendy geometric print designs like this for very reasonable prices in order to achieve a high-end dressed look. Add a few complementary cushions to your patio furniture for a fully cohesive scheme. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a garden statue for an expressive touch.

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  • Designer: Peter Fudge Gardens
Placing your sitting area in a lower section of the garden can protect it from chilly breezes.

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An outdoor kitchen makes a luxurious and fun add-on.

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Planting can be used to create privacy screening.

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  • Designer: Wernerfield
Cutting away rather than building upon the existing landscape creates interesting levels.

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  • Designer: Wiktor Klyk
This magical pavers patio is shrouded by trees at the end of a deck.

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A circular formation makes a refreshing change from modern linear layouts.

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A swing seat is reminiscent of childhood fun.

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This patio cover design can be retracted to let in more sunlight.

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An eye-catching orb lamp looks fabulous out on this luxury terrace.

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  • Visualizer: Karwan Muhammed Karzan R. Saeed
This sunken seating area is surrounded by water.

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A living patio roof design blends beautifully with a thriving garden.

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Have fun with your patio furniture. You can buy the Bertoia Diamond Chairs here.

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  • Via: AD
A dark painted wall at the far end makes the garden appear like a continuation of the interior.

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  • Visualizer: Fuel 3D
Indoor-outdoor living at its most seamless.

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