Scandinavian Style Interior With Pink And Blue Accents

Scandinavian Style Interior With Pink And Blue Accents

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Neutral Scandinavian style makes for a crisp and clean looking interior, but how about injecting a cool Scandi decor scheme with playful flashes of bright blue and pastel pink? This private home, designed by Bo/Sko, introduces unexpected pops of pink and blue to add warmth and depth to a predominantly white and woodtone scheme. The modern open plan living room, kids rooms, master suite, bathrooms, kitchen and double workspace all use a mix of blue or pink with white and black backdrops to achieve very different effects. The same colours used in changing amounts evoke an interesting change in atmosphere as we enter each part of the home.

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  • Photographer: Kroniki
The wall behind a mid century style sofa, and the ceiling above it, have been made into a one smooth wooden feature. The wooden surround helps to visually separate the lounge from the rest of the open plan living space. The indoor plant is potted in a hessian bag which matches the natural tone of the wood clad wall and ceiling.

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A single black swing arm wall lamp decorates the light wood slab feature wall, providing task lighting over the grey upholstered sofa. An assortment of scatter cushion covers gives the seating a more casual look. One of the pillows is covered with a bale of hay photographic print, which ties in with the natural tones in the room.

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A duo of round coffee tables stand on a black and white animal hide rug. Their tray tops are filled with a selection of coffee table books, a decorative vase and a scented candle that gives us the first tiny hint of pink in the room.

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Opposite the sofa, the TV wall is situated right under the staircase. Bespoke under stair storage units have been built to fit flush inside the triangular area so that not an inch of space is wasted. To the left of the flat screen television, a narrow chimney breast has been painted a rosy shade of pink. A modern wood burning stove is recessed into the chimney breast for a simple flat finish.

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Beside the fireplace a tall cubby acts as firewood storage space, behind the fronds of a large potted house plant.

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Unique staircase spindles stretch all the wall from the base of the stair treads up to living room ceiling height. The wooden spindles are randomly spaced with a scattered white block design peppering the gaps. A plain concrete floor fills the entire downstairs area of the home.

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The home entryway has been clad in the same wood as used behind the sofa, with the largest panel transformed into a huge pegboard. The pegs in it are utilised as shelf brackets and hallway wall hooks for bags and coat hangers. A modern stool sits by it to provide a place to sit whilst putting on shoes. A casually propped work of modern art brings the pink and blue colour story right to the front door.

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The narrow shelves of the pegboard wall are just substantial enough to hold a set of keys, or a couple of small decorative knick-knacks like this wooden mannequin and ceramic pot.

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A contemporary wood and white dining table chair combination fills the dining area of the home. Two Scandinavian style vases make a simple table centrepiece.

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A fox art wall decal snuggles within a house shaped bed frame. String lights are wrapped around the pitched roof, making a soft twinkly night light for bedtime.

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House shaped wall shelves line up in a row along one bedroom wall, beneath a leaping fox wall decal.

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Placed in one corner, a modern outdoor chair and Scandinavian style tray table have been paired to create a casual reading nook. The Acapulco chair has been made more cosy with the addition of a faux fur mat and cushion. The criss-cross cushion cover complements the subtle pattern of the wallpaper behind.

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The master bedroom suite is a far darker affair than the rest of the home interior. The black bedroom has a brown-black wood headboard wall where a black padded headboard is strung up on hooks.

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A small modern wall sconce is located at each side of the cushioned headboard, leaving the bedside shelving surfaces free to hold other things. The interiors of the bedside units are bright blue to cut through the darkness of the bedroom feature wall. A haze of blue also washes over the starscape duvet cover on the bed.

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A slice of blue surrounds the doorway to an ensuite master bathroom, marking the end of the dark bedroom decor.

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Another hessian planter brings back some natural tone in the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom scheme is a bold combination of black wood and white tile.

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A second bathroom holds a pink vanity unit in a monochrome scheme.

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Double workspaces are becoming the norm in modern households. This space has been given a little personality by swapping a drawer from each desk cabinet to create a checkerboard pattern.

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The home office bookcase has a number of concealed storage spaces mixed in with the stack to house less attractive office supplies. A black step ladder is on hand to reach the higher volumes.

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Fox wall art returns in this kids’ space, with a furry friend scurrying up some kids’ storage cubes.

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A kids’ climbing wall leads to a hideout bunk.

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Bright blue kitchen decor perfectly matches the double banked wall units. Black kitchen bar stools add a base note to the airy blue and white scheme.

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