A Beautiful 300 Square Meter (3230 sqft) Apartment For A Design Aficionado In Vienna

A Beautiful 300 Square Meter (3230 sqft) Apartment For A Design Aficionado In Vienna

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They say home is where the heart is and for one well-traveled design aficionado this couldnt more true. Located in the lively 6th district in Vienna, this 300 sqm (3230 sqft) is a place for intimate gatherings among friends. You will notice the open-concept layout specifically designed for dinner parties and you wont be able to miss the monochrome design skillfully executed by interior designer, Annabell Kutucu. Brimming with Mid-Century Modern charm, every inch of this apartment is uniquely exquisite. Features like the bright open floor plan and custom-made interiors make this home the modern marvel that we instantly fell in love with.

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Light and airy white plasters the walls and contrasts against the dark furniture in this rustic living room. This apartment’s design loves to play with textural elements and the shabby chic coffee table perched over two throw rugs is no exception.

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Making white walls and concrete floors feel homey is quite the feat, but this living room makes it look effortless. Everything from the Mid-Century Modern shelving to the metal floor lamp has been well thought out and stitched together to create this cozy haven. Whether you’re itching for a quiet night in or an intimate get together, this living room is ready!

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Oversized windows that flood this high-ceiling room with natural light make this the perfect dwelling for an indoor plant. Here we find the loud and proud bird of paradise thriving in the corner. A great design choice with its high stalks and large leaves that add a whisper of color to an otherwise monochromatic palette.

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Having a living room that opens up to the dining room creates the perfect place to host family and friends. You will later see that the kitchen is also conveniently located on the other side of the dining room table.

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A close up of the divine texture that blankets the rustic coffee table. The array of textures and fine detail present in this home unquestionably elevate it to a whole new level.

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Tall shelving dramatizes the high ceilings, which in turn makes this home look even more spacious. Decorated with various books and pottery finds, each piece is methodically placed on the shelf to create a well curated collection that is anything but cluttered.

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Wood, metal, and linen intermingle to have a party of their own in this close-up shot. The color variance may be slight, but the various textures creates a smorgasbord of visual interest

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This Mid-Century Modern console table is a great option for storing odds and ends that aren’t worthy of daily display. Not only that, but it is also elegantly styled to show off select pieces which highlight the black and white abstract painting.

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High texture envelops many of the larger finishings in this home, but it is also present on smaller design touches.

  • 10 |
A modern floor lamp ensures that the stylish shelves are always illuminated enough to make out the owner’s well curated collection of books and pottery.

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A minimalist approach has been taken to the bedside table by subbing in a rustic wooden stool. With no room for classic lamp, a modern wall sconce has been fitted to the space instead.

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Filled with modern simplicity, this industrial workspace is both functional and stylish. A rustic floating desk is highlighted by the abstract, geometric painting that hangs above. This framed piece may be simple, but its rosy hues make it a knock out statement piece in this bedroom.

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A luxe designer table lamp and black chair incorporate some raw, metal elements in to this home office. Once again we see a vast array of textures present in a small sampling of this home.

  • 14 |
The floating desk adds to this spaces minimalistically chic essence. All while open baskets allows the throw pillows rich aesthetic to be enjoyed, even when they aren’t on the bed.

  • 15 |
Layers upon layers of textural elements everywhere. Even the books are in on the action!

  • 16 |
A glimpse in to the kitchen and all its simplistic glory! Black track lighting highlights this divine room, including the open shelving that allows for more display space.

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Instead of the usual kitchen items and gadgets on display, we see more pieces from the pottery collection. A charming, wooden dinette set has also been fitted in this space for more intimate dinners.

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Less is more in spaces like this, where without unnecessary clutter, simplistically beautiful pieces get their time in the spotlight. We adore the mix of vintage and new, with the use of the radiator and modern sink console.

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Peek around the corner and we get a better view of the exquisite vessel sink duo. An oversized mirror makes sure that nothing feels small about this space. We also appreciate the stylish under counter baskets. Perfect for holding either extra towels or laundry.

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The black marble backsplash is an exquisite choice, especially paired with the industrial faucets. This space uses industrial elements not necessarily as statement pieces, as many homes do, but it seamlessly incorporates them in to its design to create a dynamic flow.

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Baskets are highly utilized in this home and they’re a great way to stylishly stash or display linens, clothing or magazines. This pair has a prominent weave that is highly textural and definitely makes a statement in this space.

  • 22 |
What we can only imagine is a souvenir from the home owner’s travels. We would love to know the story behind these unique pieces and their tribal vibe!

  • 23 |
This shelving may be similar in color to the shelves found in the rest of the apartment, but the wall-mount style sets it apart by leaving plenty of floor room to spare. Much like the other shelving though, it is expertly styled with books and other stylish finds.

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An entrance full of style and everything you need. A slat-style bench and floor mirror come to your aid for tasks like putting on shoes and making last minute adjustment. Then there is the radiance of the black and white wall art that ensures that this room still packs quite the design punch.

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From the big picture design to the minuscule details, every inch of this home is methodically thought out. Annabell Kutucu took what could of been a boring apartment and made it in to a simplistic home that’s rich in texture, design and style!

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