Dramatic Interior With Luxury Closets Bathrooms

Dramatic Interior With Luxury Closets  Bathrooms

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Rich jewel tones set off this dramatic modern home interior, designed by Studio e. A backdrop of grey, black and natural wood grain make a sharp setting for deep hued accent pieces to come alive, bringing character and warmth. As we move through the luxury abode we discover more of the strong flavour, in a minimalist kitchen with maximalist wine rack, an extra lounge, a high-end master bedroom and stunning walk-in closets. The bathrooms are dark and dressed to kill too, where black basins and wooden bathtubs meet sleek marble floors and slick statement pendant lighting. A little girls room brings light contrast to the dark interior, in shades of blush pink and powder blue.

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Modern coffee tables form a dark centre point in the lounge arrangement. Light grey sofas and emerald green chaise lounges surround the tables, dressed with gold scatter cushions.

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Towering display shelves dress one wall, along with huge of botanical art.

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The side of a grey brickwork chimney breast is fashioned into a storage niche for cut logs – on hand for stocking the wood burning fire. The hearth forms the first step up to a raised formal dining area that runs off the living room in an open plan formation.

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A wall mounted media console matches with the brown wood panelling of the tv wall decor. Dark marble makes an attractive countertop at one end, a geometric sculpture adorns the other.

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Eleven modern dining chairs, which are Flow chairs, are seated at an impressive dining table. A standalone throne-like woven chair commands the head of the table.

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The wood burning fireplace can be enjoyed from the dining room side of the chimney breast too thanks to its dual aspect casing.

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The first thing you notice on entering the kitchen is an enormous wine storage rack, with space for a wine collection of well over 200 bottles. The rack is backlit to bring further attention to the curation. The rest of the kitchen is a simple minimalistic design with plain slab fronted wooden units. A raw concrete central kitchen island is trimmed with a mirrored kickboard, which reflects the herringbone flooring in an interesting geometric effect. The industrial style pendant light strewn above the concrete island is the AIM pendant light.

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A pool table spans the gap between the kitchen and a second, more casual, lounge area – a great place to hang whilst the cook whips up a storm.

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Hockey jerseys pinned in shadow boxes line the wall of the kitchen lounge. Chunky wooden side tables sit atop a plush rug.

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A raw concrete tv wall interrupts wrap around windows in the entertaining space.

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In the hallway, a courtyard grows behind a small sitting area that is furnished with live edge side tables. Garnet red accent chairs make beautiful contrast against the green foliage.

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Modern pendant lights dangle in the dual height space, where a modern staircase design climbs. The dark wooden treads have open risers and glass balustrades to allow the sight of a towering vertical garden wall to show through.

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A marble floor runs between the bottom stair and the mini courtyard in the hall.

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Sapphire blue and ruby red furniture accessorise a black, grey and wood tone master bedroom scheme, in the shape of an upholstered bedroom bench and a small side table. The bedroom pendant lights that hang over the built-in bedside units are the Vibia Moon light – set against a midnight black horizon.

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A traditional area rug dresses the bedroom floor; modern art colours the wall.

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Wooden tv wall decor is highlighted under a shadowy lighting scheme that brings added drama to the bedroom decor. Media units have been wall mounted below the tv in an offset formation to bring added interest.

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The master wardrobe design has a central island with drawers for folded items and accessories. Mirrored doors conceal the contents of one half of the closet, but these reflect an open rail and shelving on the opposite side.

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Glass fronted cabinets keep a collection of designer handbags and shoes organised and dust-free.

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The master bedroom suite also includes a luxury bathroom that is accessoried with copper.

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Amber glass pendant lights shine over a black vanity unit and basin against a wood feature wall.

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A black feature wall features in a second master bedroom. This time the scheme is brightened by golden yellow accents. Bird pendant lights bring another light touch to the scheme, perched over each of the bedside cabinets.

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Four wall lights form a piece of illuminated art.

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Another walk-in closet is smartly illuminated with LED shelf lighting.

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… But it’s the beautiful bathtub that steals the show, in stunning natural woodgrain.

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Black marble brings drama and movement over the bathroom floor and walls.

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A double ended bench settles beneath a modern lighting installation.

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On a lighter note, a little girls bedroom introduces sweet shades of blush pink and powder blue to the dark home interior. The bedroom has a kid’s study area too, overlooking the treetops.

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The kids’ room has its own walk-in closet too…

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… And one very grown up ensuite.

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