Minimalism Meets Moroccan Style

Minimalism Meets Moroccan Style

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Minimalism with Moroccan style is a combo that you might not have considered; Moroccan style by nature is heavily patterned and intricate - quite the opposite to a minimalistic approach. However, this is exactly the reason why the two meld so well together, as one balances out the other quite beautifully. Check out this 159 square metre two-level apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania, to fill you with inspiration of this modern mix. The place has been designed and visualised by U-Style to not shy away from highly traditional, deeply ornate Moroccan aesthetics, but to embrace them in a modern manner that is in tune with the minimal style that is so popular today.

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The living room wall features an embossed Moroccan design, coupled with a blue ornate wood burner. The pairing draws the eye up where we find a modern industrial style raw concrete ceiling. A media console unit beneath the television pulls the whole look together, with a concrete surround, sleek minimalist linear profile and ornate door panels. LED lighting strips below the wall mounted media unit help to draw the eye and to create a light floating effect.

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The sofa also follows a linear minimalist outline, as do the bank of wall shelves fitted at one end of the open plan room. Blue paintwork ties the decor to the colour of the feature fireplace. Behind the lounge area, a modern wicker swing seat is suspended from the bare concrete ceiling, providing a dreamy spot to relax in by large windows.

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Two modern chandeliers move away from the Moroccan theme completely, avoiding the obvious Fanoo lamp style. Instead, the chandeliers hover like two halos of light over the centre of the sitting space.

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The circular shape of the overhead lights are echoed by two round coffee tables below. The bases of the tables are a pretty blue glass, honoring the accent colour established by the coating on the log burning stove.

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The nesting coffee tables have a black glass top that reflect the light from a long expanse of windows behind.

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The home has a modern dining room with boldly patterned monochrome dining chair upholstery. A wall of blue tiles carries the decor colour through from the living room.

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The dining table butts up against a central kitchen island. Kitchen cabinets span two of the walls around it.

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Out on the balcony there is a set of sophisticated patio furniture, including a unique outdoor coffee table that has a planter at its centre. Woven effect planters with green foliage dot the remainder of the outdoor sitting space.

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At one side of the balcony there is an outdoor fireplace to keep the residents toasty on chilly days and nights.

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To the opposite side of the balcony there is an outdoor kitchen area, complete with a double bowl kitchen sink and a luxury barbecue.

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An open tread wooden staircase design runs through the house. Its open design allows natural light and outside views to flow straight on through it.

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The modern staircase design runs directly off the home entry hall, and passes by the living room are on its left.

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A decorative Moroccan console table displays tall silver candlesticks in front of a golden mirror in the hallway.

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The deep frame of the Moroccan mirror incorporates hundreds of tiny mirrored discs that reflect the light.

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Inside the master bedroom there is a more powdery blue theme, peppered with the greenery of indoor plants.

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The bedroom decor is a mix of boho elements, with tasseled chandeliers brushing against a round mehndi design on the headboard wall.

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A plain powder blue accent wall complements the tasseled light shades by the bedsides; it also marks out a study area, which is kept simplistic to avoid distraction.

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At the foot of the bed there is a balcony. Sheer white curtains provide privacy from the outside world.

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Another round mehndi design covers a headboard panel in this room, which reminds us of the headboard of the 2nd bedroom featured here. This decor breaks away from the blue hues used elsewhere in the home, and instead adopts a sweet blush pink tone.

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This time the wall of windows soak up views of a sweeping bay.

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Wood closets with vast sliding doors occupy one whole wall of the pastel pink bedroom.

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Heavily patterned bathroom tiles tie in with the modern Moroccan vibe of the home. A recessed shelf cuts through the busy design, offering a moment of smooth woodtone as relief. More wood panels clad the bathroom vanity area and a tower of storage cupboard by the shower enclosure.

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A backlit circular vanity mirror complements the curves of the freestanding vanity unit.

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The wall hung toilet and bidet set keep the floor looking clean and clear.

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A modern towel rack flanks the bathroom vanity area. Wood panelling behind the wash zone has been backlit with LED lighting strips to accentuate the design. The bathroom window brings natural light into the room via the glass shower screen.

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The third sleep space in this home is an attic bedroom. Modern cube shaped bedside units are sliced through with backlit panels to create a cosy glow inside the low ceilinged space.

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The bed faces a gently extruded crackle effect accent wall.

  • 30 |
A dressing area with an open closet system occupies one half of the room.

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The closet system brings the homes favoured blue hue right up into the attic.

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Raw concrete walls give the dressing room a trendy boutique feel.

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He adjustable closet system features garment rails, shelves and shoe racks.

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LED shelf lights brighten the space.

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Natural light visits through a velux window.

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There is also an attic bathroom.

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The decor in this low roofed bathroom is kept lighter and brighter so as not to close it in.

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