Minimalist Chinese Home With A Covered Courtyard

Minimalist Chinese Home With A Covered Courtyard

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Polished concrete, natural timber and wood ribbed walls build this minimalist Chinese home interior, visualised by Zeng Shunsheng. If you are a fan of fuss-free, clean and easy living, then this fresh home tour should leave you with the sense of calm you crave. There is also a cool industrial style vibe running through, created with raw concrete wall slabs in the lobby, living room and kitchen diner. The entire house has an ongoing connection with nature: small indoor plants are scattered here and there, and a covered courtyard connects with the bathroom. The greenery breathes in a balanced sense of life, belonging and peace.

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Entering the lobbyway, we take off our shoes before entering this Chinese minimalist home tour. A quiet decor scheme of raw concrete wall slabs and a polished concrete floor colours the entryway grey for the most part. The space features a wood ribbed feature wall to warm the visual through. A chunky timber step and a small bank of low level wood shelving wait poised to neatly accept discarded shoes.

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A storage cupboard has been built onto the split level floor. Polished concrete wraps the side and top of the wooden unit, which is decorated with a beautiful bonsai tree. A larger plant specimen fills a terracotta pot. The indoor plants bring a subtle touch of greenery and vitality to the entryway.

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Taller wooden cupboards span the length of the entryway on the other side, providing closet space for outdoor garments and bulky items. Some artwork has been casually propped against the wall at floor level in the hallway around the corner, to ring in a little colour and personality.

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The hallway leads to a simple sitting room with floor chairs and basic settee.

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A wooden coffee table fills the centre spot in the lounge, for serving up tea.

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The simple settee faces a television set on a custom cut wooden shelf that fits into the alcove. A lightly patterned window blind makes the stark industrial style decor look more loved.

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One wall is clad in wood effect, another is painted white, and the other is raw concrete. See more ideas for concrete accent walls.

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Smooth stone tiles cover the walls of a neutral bathroom design, where light timber trims frame out the door and windows. A wooden vanity unit has been selected in a similar light wood tone to keep the look cohesive. A chunky white countertop melds with the rectangular modern basin.

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A frosted glass panel lets borrowed light through the bathroom door, whilst still protecting the privacy of the bathroom occupant.

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The bathtub looks out into a covered courtyard, which gives a sense of bathing outdoors. A shower area stands to the side of the bath.

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A couple of indoor plants on the window sill help to blur the boundary between the bathroom interior and the courtyard beyond the glass.

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The covered courtyard also provides a quiet nature view to the sitting room.

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Sliding glass doors open up the living room to the courtyard – and also to a view of the bathtub!

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An outdoor tap has been installed on the brickwork to assist with quick and easy watering of the courtyards plants.

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A wooden bench and stool furnish the shower area.

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The courtyard brings sunshine into the simple sitting room.

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A much more styled living room exists inside this home too, consisting of a comfy modern lounge, kitchen and dining area. This lounge looks out onto a balcony through slatted window blinds. A floor lamp stands in front of the glass to provide task lighting after nightfall.

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Wireframe industrial style lighting hangs over the dining table by the kitchen. The dining set is a dark stained wooden design, which adds a richness to the cool concrete room.

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A pair of nesting coffee tables occupy the polished concrete floor in the lounge. The sectional sofa has a soft return at one end to subtly contain the area.

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A long black media unit spans the opposite wall, containing dark wicker storage baskets, and supporting a whole host of electronics on top.

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Cheerful yellow and green cushions brighten the dark sofa.

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Concrete walls are left free of art and adornment.

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A red beanbag pouf is placed as a footstool by the couch.

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Wood shelving runs behind the polished tv upstand, which holds a small selection of books and knick-knacks.

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The wooden shelving unit also features storage cupboards in its base.

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A smaller tv serves the dining area from a wooden side unit.

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The one wall kitchen with peninsula is an arrangement of white and wood cabinets. A clerestory window brings in light above a wall shelf and integrated ovens.

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Sliding screen doors lead through to the master bedroom.

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A yin and yang of black and white bed covers dress twin beds.

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Tea is served on an island in the bedroom. A home office area fills an alcove by the doors.

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The sliding screen doors connect the master suite to the simplistic sitting room.

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A second bathroom has a more private design than the first, with no big windows attached to communal areas. A simple wooden shelf visually connects the vanity wall to the bathing area, with a tiny plant occupying its surface.

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The wooden ceiling and highly polished floors give the room a spa-like feel.

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