Modern Red And Grey Interiors With Japanese Influences

Modern Red And Grey Interiors With Japanese Influences

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Traditional Japanese attributes meet modern trends inside these three dark and dramatic home interiors. Red and grey decor, graphic patterns, and coloured lights bring a touch of a night club vibe to the contemporary room designs too. Take a tour through three different takes on the theme: Tour one is a crisp and exaggerated graphic interior design composed of solid red, grey, black and white volumes. Home design number two has classic Japanese elements but morphs into an upbeat Tokyo abode under neon light. Interior number three is a quiet shadowy space with warm terracotta accents, which features mysterious moveable partition walls and even a secret doorway to the bedroom.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Tyoma Atsone
  • Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone
The crimson disc of the national Japanese sun-mark flag is large at play in our first home interior. The disc arcs over the wall behind a modern sofa, features in artwork, a pendant light, and as an area rug beneath some nesting coffee tables of the same shape. The entire room is a bold celebration of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Red decorative vases adorn the nesting coffee tables, and red throw cushions bring pops of colour to the light grey sofa.

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The circular outlines create a crisp and graphic interior design.

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Next to the sofa, a side unit is composed of solid red, white and black volumes.

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A much larger version of the colour block side unit towers next to a dining area. Red, white and black floor tiles extend beneath the dining table, pushing out toward the grey concrete floor in a random arrangement of colour and length.

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The modern dining chairs and dining table follow the circular theme of the home.

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Beside the dining room, red, black and white cabinets make up a one wall kitchen. Hexagonal tiles cover the kitchen backsplash in shades of grey and clean white.

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The cohesive colour story continues into the bedroom.

  • 9 |
Japanese wall art hangs above each side of the double bed, against tinted concrete walls.

  • 10 |
Modern bedroom pendant lights illuminate red bedside tables.

  • 11 |
A floating console runs beneath the tv, acting as a display surface for art and trinkets.

  • 12 |
The rectangular red, white and black floor tiles from the dining room make another appearance in the bathroom.

  • 13 |
Red neon lighting washes onto a white tile wall.

  • 14 |
Rectangular tiles peak and fall like sound bars behind the bath.

  • 15 |
  • Designer: Tyoma Atsone
  • Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone
Home number two combines ethnic Japanese attributes and modern trends to fashion a comfortable interior with visual impact. A modern sofa is positioned in the centre of the living space, and a tree acts as an extra separator between the lounge and the dining room.

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Red accents bring vivacious moments to the charcoal coloured room.

  • 17 |
A large shelving unit glows with red and white strip lights, which colour its separate tiny volumes.

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Changing neon lights transform the interior from traditional japanese accommodation into a modern Tokyo style apartment with a trendy nightclub vibe.

  • 19 |
The neon light around a semi-circular wall mirror switches from white to blue to change the mood.

  • 21 |
Another neon framed mirror changes colour behind the dining area, transitioning to luminous pink.

  • 22 |
Everything in the room takes on a surreal appearance under the changing coloured lights…

  • 23 |
… Even the the tree foliage and blossoms.

  • 24 |
  • Designer: Vladislava Torgonsky
  • Visualizer: Vladislava Torgonsky
Our last tour takes place in a medium sized apartment, which was designed for a young couple. Red-brown, terracotta and copper accents bring visual heat to a shadowy grey, black and white surround. The print of a mountain bull emerging from darkness is by Swiss photographer Claudio Gotsch.

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The living area can be made to feel more spacious by opening up red partition doors, which will attach the lounge to the kitchen. Drawing closed the partitions keeps the lounge quiet and cosy.

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A projector screen is hidden in the ceiling when not in use. A home workspace with a directorial chair commands one corner of the room. A spotlight style floor lamp can be angled to provide task lighting over the desk.

  • 28 |
Natural light filters through sheer white window voiles in the kitchen diner. A modern chandelier provides light after dark.

  • 29 |
Designer dining chairs stand on legs of copper.

  • 30 |
The kitchen was designed with a focus on simple aesthetics, rather than prolific cooking, but is fully equipped for whenever the homeowner gets the urge for a home cooked meal.

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The hallway storage cabinets disguise a secret entryway to the bedroom, which can also be accessed via the living room. The reflective doors make the narrow hall feel more spacious and light.

  • 32 |
A Japanese Koi fish of the Tancho variety swims in artwork above a small white pouf and a neat floor lamp.

  • 33 |
A terracotta ceiling crosses a dark bedroom decor scheme. The partition doors between the bedroom and the living room have a copper tint that fills the room with amber light.

  • 34 |
Perimeter LEDs wash the dark headboard wall with white light. An enormous round mirror reflects the Bonaldo designed bed in terracotta velour.

  • 36 |
The small ensuite bathroom is filled with crisp and interesting furnishings that cut through its darkness.

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A tinted shower screen continues the home’s accent colour.

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