Creative Use Of Copper In Interior Design

Creative Use Of Copper In Interior Design

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Eco-friendly, long lasting, continuously recyclable, antimicrobial, versatile; copper is a great choice for use all around the home. There are a multitude of different ways in which to incorporate a copper aesthetic into an interior, from small decor accents, fixtures and fittings, to all out statement pieces of furniture, entire kitchens, or showstopping feature walls. Copper finishes can be as shiny as a bright new penny, brushed and buffed, hammered and rustic, or even patinated green. Since there is such a wide field for the creative use of copper in interior design, we’ve grouped together three home designs that do it well, to inspire your next copper project.

  • 1 |
  • Designer: Tyoma Atsone
  • Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone
In looking at patinated copper, we can see that green makes an obvious colour pairing with copper decor. In this living room, an L-shaped green sofa is dressed with copper scatter cushions to match with a patinated kitchen backsplash and feature walls in the background.

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A large copper pendant light stretches out above the dining table behind the green sofa.

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The green leaves and brown branches of a Bonsai tree twist in front of the patinated copper accent wall. Textured green glass tiles climb the adjacent wall space to compliment the effect.

  • 4 |
The dining table is amalgamated with the kitchen island. A copper toned strip edges its countertop and kickboard. Three dark wood stools compliment the earthy copper hue.

  • 5 |
Above a home workspace, a copper chandelier is patterned with green patina. A green desk chair ties in with the tone.

  • 6 |
The irregular aging copper effect of the wall panels works perfectly with the organic beauty of the large Bonsai tree.

  • 7 |
Some of the floor tiles are tinted with a copper hue to bring the aesthetic all the way down to the floor, warming the look of an otherwise grey expanse. Marbled grey kitchen units contrast cooly against the copper kitchen backsplash.

  • 8 |
Art supplies are held against a copper coloured pegboard wall.

  • 9 |
Copper, green, black and white spray paints have been used to create a piece of wall art for the living room.

  • 10 |
The art piece brings together all of the main colour elements of the room, in one solitary item.

  • 11 |
The paint technique emulates an aged copper patina.

  • 12 |
Curvaceous abstract shape compliments the organic form of the Bonsai tree.

  • 13 |

  • 14 |
  • Designer: Kupinskiy Architects
  • Visualizer: Kupinskiy Architects
In our second inspirational home interior, soft copper dining room decor stretches out behind a grey modern sofa. This grey lounge would look cool with a copper table lamp to bring in an generous pop of the accent colour, but a copper bowl does add a nice subtle touch on the coffee table.

  • 15 |
A structural support column has been clad in copper effect to blend it in with the dining room decor.

  • 16 |
A small side table stands by the couch that divides the open plan room into a separate dining and lounge area. In front of the sofa, there is another copper accent wall that provides a stylish setting for the television and a wood burning fireplace.

  • 17 |
At the other end of the living room, a black spiral staircase rises to the upper floor.

  • 18 |
Copper coloured modern artwork makes a statement over in the open plan kitchen.

  • 19 |
The deluxe dining set has a table that is set upon wide translucent amber glass supports, which compliment the surrounding copper accent walls. Heavy black dining chairs, a dining bench and a matching tabletop weigh down the look of the light base.

  • 21 |
The black tabletop is routed on one side to add further interest to to the unique dining set.

  • 22 |
The translucency of the dining table legs allow the dining chairs to show through, tinted by the copper filter.

  • 23 |
Cool grey concrete decor balances the warmth of the copper accent pieces.

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  • 31 |
  • Designer: Igor Sirotov
  • Visualizer: Igor Sirotov
Our last look around a copper coloured interior takes place in a predominantly white home. Though it is a tiny copper kitchen that dominates.

  • 32 |
Russet colour modern dining chairs blend with the shade of the shiny kitchen units.

  • 33 |
A glass wall bedroom is covered from floor to ceiling in a warm wood grain.

  • 34 |
Black appliances, countertop and kitchen sink contrast sharply against the copper backsplash.

  • 35 |
The copper kitchen and the wood grain inside the glass wall bedroom blend like one harmonious hue.

  • 36 |
White sheer voiles and white bed linen freshen the solid timber clad interior.

  • 37 |
White home accessories act to cool the heat of the backdrop too.

  • 38 |
Black and white elements balance the decor of the open plan living room.

  • 39 |
Bespoke storage fills up the white space.

  • 40 |
White storage cabinet doors and the entry door are flat fronted so that they blend into the blank canvas.

  • 41 |
An ensuite bathroom is accessed via a portiere at the side of the bedroom. Inside the bathroom, copper fixtures and fittings sit brightly against white walls.

  • 42 |
Hexagonal tiles add subtle pattern behind the white vanity unit and a modern toilet. Two white rattan linen baskets fill the space underneath the floating vanity. A copper faucet fills the white vessel basin.

  • 43 |
The hexagon tiles continue on to the inside of the shower enclosure, and around the room behind a white heated towel rail. A copper rainfall shower and hand rinser punctuate the white shower walls.

  • 44 |
Floor plan for studio apartment with glass wall bedroom and ensuite shower room.

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