3 Ultra-Modern Takes on Neoclassical Interior Inspiration

3 Ultra-Modern Takes on Neoclassical Interior Inspiration

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Bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary, neoclassical design offers a rich method of self-expression that differs from eclectic and transitional styles in a few important ways. Neoclassical interiors embrace luxury – far from modest, but careful to remain tasteful. It offers a playground for bold colors more than its transitional pastel-hued neighbor. It requires a more curated approach to furniture than its distant cousin the free-spirited eclectic. The interiors featured in this post range from those inspired by Hollywood regency style all the way to a super-modern interpretation with faint neoclassical influences.

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  • Designer: 梦太初
  • Visualizer: 梦太初
This lovely space combines a lot of the charms of the Hollywood regency style with a smooth modern approach to neoclassical design. Here, you will find opulent materials, glimmers of metallic accents, traditional features like crown molding and boiserie – all paired alongside unforgettable contemporary accents.

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This tour opens with a luxurious formal living room centered around two unique coffee tables. Notice the distinctive contrast between the curvaceous divan sofa and the more structured classic-feeling side chairs.

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Classic architectural elements set the stage for a high-end look. Prominent column-style door framing creates a grand entry to the living room, concealing glass pane pocket doors.

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Details span a variety of eras, like this small side table that would fit effortlessly within even the most modern interior.

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The accent color chosen here is perfect for both neoclassical interiors and Hollywood regency styles. The subdued emerald green feels elegant and welcoming at once.

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Artistic appeal flows through every detail. Other artistic elements are more obvert, like the Calder-style mobile hanging from the ceiling.

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The floors offer an updated take on classic chevron parquetry, brought in line with contemporary sensibilities thanks to the wide boards and varied finish.

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In the dining room, simple scaled-down furniture goes further to support the Hollywood Regency style.

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Designed by Gino Sarfatti, this modern chandelier is a wonderful example of how Hollywood regency uses neoclassical influences without committing to any single era – its sophisticated traditional profile upgraded with up-to-date construction and glamorous materials.

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Other traditional elements dot the home, sometimes serving as bold focal points. The coppery metal finish on this mirror stands out from the green accents elsewhere.

  • 11 |
The dining chairs are from the iconic Series 430 by Verner Panton.

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Open circulation makes this home perfect for entertaining – much like the jetsetter homes that inspired the Hollywood recency style.

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Sharp luxury defines the kitchen. The bold kitchen island makes a strong first impression with its marble veining, the surrounding cabinetry hidden by modern diagonal paneling.

  • 14 |
Rows of transparent wine glasses and carafes only highlight the radiance of the illuminated copper bar backsplash behind them.

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  • Designer: Artem Bukin
  • Visualizer: Artem Bukin
This next interior continues with the neoclassical theme, going even further on the modern side. While the wall treatments embrace a fully traditional look – bold paneling, prominent crown molding – the furnishings and decoration feel like products of tomorrow. This blend is well-suited to the Hollywood regency style as well, a theme not married to any specific era.

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Sophisticated neutrals are a staple of neoclassical interior design, but this space steps in a more contemporary direction by adding vivid pinks.

  • 17 |
More bold magenta brings drama to the charcoal accent wall, drawing attention away from the television and toward the stunning drawers and sculptural accents.

  • 18 |
Both the modern sofa and nesting coffee tables stand out as especially daring additions. These pieces set the living room apart from the typical neoclassical motif.

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Zig-zag fabrics are nearly universal in the world of Hollywood regency interior design. They look right at home here.

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The decorations at either side of the television seem to resemble the blank faces of Cycladic sculptures.

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With the distinctive shapes and brassy finish, the floor lamps almost embody a slight art deco vibe.

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Blue velvet upholstery over brass bases gives the dining set an exceptionally opulent touch. Reddish high-back leather end chairs complete the look.

  • 24 |
Everything comes together for a look that feels fresh but maintains an underlying sense of classic elegance. This is not your ordinary neoclassical space.

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  • Designer: Orb Space
  • Visualizer: Orb Space
This final home takes a radical departure from the others featured here. Taken as a whole, it looks artistically contemporary. But looking closer at each individual element, you can see hints of vintage design shine through – even a few choices inspired by neoclassical design and Hollywood regency.

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First, the color theme immediately catches attention. It takes the traditional colors of neoclassical design and turns them on their head – cream becomes light wood, grey becomes concrete. Red remains – as a unifying feature rather than an occasional accent.

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On the other hand, the lighting takes a decidedly contemporary direction.

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Here, for example, lighting near the DJ stand filters through foliage to cast dramatic natural shadows across the wall for a dynamic and relaxing effect.

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Unique tiling covers select walls.

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Much of this home seems to focus entirely on simplicity – in many ways, a direct contrast to neoclassical and Hollywood regency styles.

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In the bedroom, you can see an especially unique feature – a glass wall that reveals the silhouettes of large plants.

  • 32 |
This wall serves to separate the ensuite bathroom from the sleeping space. It allows the passage of natural light while providing a touch of visual privacy.

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A lovely arrangement sits in a glass vase, drawing out the light pinks and creams used throughout the interior theme.

  • 34 |
Wood panels rotate to provide access between the bedroom and living space.

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On the other side of the glass partition, a peek at the beautiful bathtub.

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Rounded elements define the bathroom, a soft touch compared to the straight lines of the floor, walls, and shelving.

  • 37 |
Subtle natural elements work wonders to make this bathroom feel warm and inviting – the stone floors, unique laundry basket, and small flower arrangement.

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Dynamic lighting changes the mood here as well.

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Check out a closer look at the layout to see the unique relation between spaces.

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