The Modern Rustic Charm Of A Luxury Mediterranean Villa

The Modern Rustic Charm Of A Luxury Mediterranean Villa

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Mykonos, Greece is the setting for this luxurious modern rustic villa, which was designed and visualised by Buro511. This is an unusual home that has been given a flexible layout thanks to a couple of large sectional sofa arrangements, and accompanying accent furniture for the open plan living room. The bedrooms are an unconventional amalgamation of stylish sleep zones and ensuite wet zones, and small bathrooms are positively spilling over with modern rustic character and chic contemporary charm. Wood slatted floor boards thread a unique style story through the home, acting as drainage and ventilation for the unconventional Mediterranean Villa.

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A large modern rustic living room requires a large sofa, and this sectional grey design does an ideal job. Boxy wooden end tables split the upholstered couch into several different parts along the vast length of the room, which creates the perfect balance of rustic meets contemporary in Mediterranean design.

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The sectional nature of the sofa means that the layout of the living room can be forever changing. It can be used as one whole family space, or split into multiple relaxation areas for different people partaking in different pastimes, or switched around to suit social gatherings and entertaining purposes.

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Wooden framework builds an interesting backdrop across a TV wall at one end of the extensive room. The TV set is bedded into a recess at the centre of the installation to streamline the look. Wooden shutters flank every window in the room, perfect for blocking out the strong Mediterranean sunshine.

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A black lounge chair is available to intermingle with the changing layout of the light grey modern sofa, to help balance out its bulk.

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A layered circular coffee table design is a flexible piece that moves easily around the room to suit the changing landscape.

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The formal grey sofa design makes smooth contrast with the cream coloured and textured Mediterranean render of the interior walls.

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A solid cast concrete slab becomes a generously sized coffee table in the living room, adding to the deeply tactile nature of the scheme.

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Next, we move through into an open plan dining area behind the large lounge. Thick wooden sleepers seem to float impossibly as the dining room table, in a cantilevered design linked to the kitchen island. Six modern wood dining chairs are cushioned with warm grey toned upholstery.

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Mediterranean pottery adds authentic rustic decoration to just about every surface.

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A grey one wall kitchen with an island runs along the back of the open plan room. Flat fronted, handle-free doors give the kitchen a sleek modern finish that plays second fiddle to the more characterful rustic pieces in the scheme. Matt gold fixtures add understated sheen to the design, and slatted wood floor boards lay out an unusual kitchen floor.

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Inside the modern rustic bedroom, suspended black track lights add an edgy element to the neutral, natural decor. A plain glass door in a modern black frame reveals a traditional stone wall built outside.

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Rustic stools dot the scheme, to be used flexibly as side tables and seats. A light rug is strewn at the foot of the platform bed.

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The platform bed design has a weightless floating illusion, which extends out from a headboard wall with a minimalist modern bookshelf. A courtyard design brings greenery into the room palette. A bathroom sink and a shower pop up in front of the window so that the user may take in the gorgeous view whilst washing. A vanity mirror hovers lightly in front of the trees.

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A taupe bedroom chair adds a moment of light colour in front of a solid wall of towering black closets.

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Slatted floor boards and wall of textured render build a small rustic bathroom scheme. A grey toilet beds easily into the beige wall tone, whilst stark black fixtures provide points of interest. A wooden pedestal sink adds a warming, comforting element into the rugged room.

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The second bedroom design features a simpler platform bed model, with a similarly soft grey upholstered headboard. Black wall sconces are set low above two matching bedside tables.

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A monochrome rug design vibes with the solid wall of black wardrobes, and a tall black shelving unit by the door.

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On the other side of the bedroom, an organically shaped wall mirror hangs above a linear wooden bathroom vanity. Wood slatted floor boards map out the ensuite’s splash zone.

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A shower spills onto the wood slatted floor too, on the opposite side of a low concrete bench that is used to hold an array of toiletries and bathroom containers.

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Another WC is textured with rustic render, and kitted out with a modern grey toilet pan.

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A dark grey vanity contrasts with the light wall treatment, beneath a freshly modern and minimalist round wall mirror. Tall slit windows echo the linearity of the slatted wooden floor treatment in the room.

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Inside a walk in wardrobe, the decor is dark and dramatic, with glowy lighting to highlight the garments in their hanging nooks and shelving cubbies. The same wood slatted flooring from the bedroom wet zones is utilised here inside the closet for ventilation.

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Even the door and ceiling of the walk in is finished in solid black to create one all round, all enveloping aesthetic.

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