3 Examples That Show How To Go Full Mid Century Modern

3 Examples That Show How To Go Full Mid Century Modern

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The mid century modern style can be introduced to any room with a single piece of retro furniture or a specific fabric print, but sometimes it’s more fun to go the whole hog. These three home designs not only employ mid century modern furniture, but each piece of wall decor and every floor is selected to accentuate this distinctive aesthetic. They are also illustrative of medium, small and large size properties (respectively) so there is something here to suit every scale. During the home tours we will find inspiration for mid century modern colour palettes, mid century modern style lighting, mirrors, and bookcases, which fill aspirational living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and quirky bathrooms.

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Mid century modern inspired bookcases make a rich wall of woodtone and metal. A paper floor lamp and two accent chairs make up the third side of the U-shaped lounge furniture arrangement.

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An open walkway leads from the lounge into the dining room. Banquette seating folds around two sides of the dining table. A wall sconce shines on each side of a large wall painting.

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Built in bookshelves and base cabinets neatly fill an alcove.

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Opposite the dining area there is a one wall kitchen with an enviable pantry. Green and amber tile flooring fills the bijou space with colourful character.

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Floor tiles complement the cubist aesthetic.

  • 13 |
Swirling wood grain patterns the walls.

  • 14 |
A beige bathtub sits easily in the muted mid century modern decor palette of a second bathroom.

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Gold bath fixtures echo the standout design of an eye catching bright gold and rose sink.

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The metallic pedestal sink is complemented by stunning gold panelling on the cistern wall.

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A modern fireplace sits inside a unique chimney breast, decorated with a plaster fanning technique that’s gently reminiscent of the mid century anaglypta trend.

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The wooden small side table draws the eye down into a traditional wood parquet floor.

  • 20 |
The fireplace is a connecting feature between the lounge and dining room. A small bar sits at one side of the dining room, which could be used for a quick coffee, or more usefully as a workspace.

  • 21 |
A comfortable reading chair sits in the light of the window by the bookcase. Wood grain mid century modern chairs accompany a black dining table.

  • 24 |
In the hallway, a mid century modern reproduction Atollo lamp shines gold against a grey concrete wall. The raw backdrop lets retro inspired pieces sing out.

  • 25 |
The same modern wall sconce design appears at each end of the white and wood tone hall.

  • 26 |
A modern platform bed is dressed in a simple monochrome bed set.

  • 28 |
Concrete builds another backdrop inside a grey and black bathroom scheme.

  • 29 |
Ribbed wood texturises the bathroom door, inside a smooth black surround. The bathroom vanity continues the sleek aspect of the design, with grey flat fronted units and a glossy black countertop.

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A monochrome mat is laid out between a black bathtub and a black framed shower enclosure. A black wall hung toilet completes the set.

  • 31 |
Gold wall mirrors and a gold faucet brighten the room palette.

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The polished stainless steel modern coffee table cuts sharply across the rounded-off chair silhouettes. Тhe main feature of this living room are rounded walls, which were introduced to eliminate corners and a predictably straight corridor.

  • 36 |
A low sectional sofa is wrapped in soft sandy colour, whilst an umber rug flames across the microcement floor.

  • 39 |
Warm wooden cabinets embrace the cool kitchen.

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