Dark Decor With Alluring Lighting

Dark Decor With Alluring Lighting

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Its easy to see how bright and vivid home interiors draw attention, but what about the homes of those who revel in darker delights? These two deliciously dark interior tours are filled with alluring lighting schemes, which transform shadowy decor into scintillating scenes. Cutting edge track lighting systems slice across dropped ceiling planes and zip around boundaries to highlight and activate additional features. Modern wall lights spill welcoming pools onto solid black and grey backgrounds, whilst modern pendant lights add droplets of luminous accessorisation. We’ll observe how these light schemes interact with and enhance the elements at ground level, and elevate the root layout.

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  • Visualizer: Hilight Design
This modern dark interior design pushes its most shadowy shades out to the borders of the room. The centre of the scheme is lightened with an oak laminate floor and a tonally twinning modern sofa. Overhead lights descend from a track lighting system to highlight the curves and colour of the brighter core.

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A large circular rug emanates black ripples out from beneath the tables and dual sided seating.

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A rectangular halo of LED light makes a dropped ceiling appear to hover over the black living room. The huge black TV screen below echoes and balances the dark ceiling feature.

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Behind the lounge, a dining area is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass doors. The central support leg of the dining table is hollowed out to allow more light to pass through into the interior. When natural light does not suffice here, there is a unique dining room chandelier that trickles down the length of the table, spreading out in spectacular form.

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From a circular rug and roundly hollowed dining table design in the black living room, to a ring wall light in the grey bedroom, this home design pushes a circular motif.

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The wall light blazes a fiery hoop that highlights a patterned and textural feature wall.

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A brown bed set crumples in the half-light, like an autumn leaf.

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Up at ceiling height, a square of light is fashioned around the dressing area with closets. The light spills over onto two floor planters of grasses, picking out the individual blades.

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The familiar black track lights cut across the length of the bathroom design too, throwing puddles of focussed light. LEDs make an intriguing design feature of a simple slimline shelving tower.

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The WC has a nightclub feel. An illuminated mirror tops a modern pedestal sink.

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Cool white LEDs create waves around grey tile walls.

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Light drips onto the soft grey sectional sofa from a small wall sconce overhead.

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Spotlights fall upon wall art in the home entryway, as though they were the leading man and lady of a deeply dramatic stage show.

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Warm white ribbons of light wrap the edges of the room, and pull along the base of kitchen wall cabinets. The lights define the black cabinets from the dark wall of the kitchen, and serve as practical task lighting along the countertop.

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A bar pendant light stretches illumination along the whole dining table.

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The edges of black flatware softly gleam.

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SImple room angles and straight cabinet installations transform into imposing architectural features in the obscurity.

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The perimeter light track continues into the hallway of the home…

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An Oda Big lamp radiates diffused light through its balloon shade by the bed

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A matching glass cover obscures an indoor plant.

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The walk in wardrobe is a light source in itself, transmitting delicate beams of light through its glass walls.

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Inside the luxury closet system the shelf lights brighten up the wardrobe collection, shoe storage shelves and a series of oak chests of drawers.

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As complete contrast from the heavy black and grey decor that weights the rest of the home, the luxurious bathroom is a white filled space.

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Recessed spotlights drop task lighting where it’s most needed.

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A black wall sconce gives reading light to the kids’ bed.

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Directional lighting saturates bright orange units.

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Natural light filters through sheer blinds in the kid’s study area, washing over an eye-catching orange desk.

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Shelf lighting elevates prized toys, and makes library shelves look more tempting

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A solid orange rug brightens the black floor.

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Red light reinvents the hallway. The colourful effect is doubled in mirror fronted cupboard doors that stretch from the lounge to the front door.

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The colourful effect is as permanent or as temporary as the homeowner pleases. When the LEDs are set to white, the decor returns to its monochrome origins. Light strips around the baseline pull focus to the contrast of smooth flooring and a tactile woven pouf.

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