Creative Apartment Interior With Unique Decor Style

Creative Apartment Interior With Unique Decor Style

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Unique decor components make up this 93.5 square metre apartment redesign, by Azovskiy Pahomova, in Dnepr, Ukraine. The new homeowners are a creative young couple with a small child, who wanted their new home to reflect their personality and interests. White painted walls became the neutral backdrop for brighter elements of furniture and decor to become their own works of art. The pale decoration also helped to visually push out the walls, amplify the natural light available, and evoke a refreshingly spacious and airy feel. A large open plan living room design became the heart of the home, where everyone can come together even when doing individual activities in different zones.

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  • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
A double sided modern sofa design is the hero piece of furniture in the open plan family living space. This single piece of furniture connects the lounge area with the dining kitchen, and allows conversations to take place easily in each direction.

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The floor area is pretty evenly split in the living room dining room combo, leaving plenty of space for the littlest member of the family to run around freely wherever their parents are hanging out.

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Warm shades of beige and natural woodtone stand out against white painted living room walls, and a fresh white kitchen. Black elements in the room provide the weight and bulk needed to balance out the airy scheme.

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A small side table with a white finish overlaps the edge of the large black sofa; monochrome bolster cushions amalgamate the black and white colourways together in one piece.

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A beige cube pouf adds texture to the lounge furniture arrangement.

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The long dining table is pulled close behind the sofa, so that the young family of three can all sit along one side of it, and maybe watch a little TV over dinner.

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Custom made wall shelves climb the wall beside the sofa, up either side of a window. Wood panelling fills the void behind the shelves, and another piece runs beneath the window sill to cohesively connect the two towers. The display shelves are a casual drop spot for books, knick-knacks and keepsakes.

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A spherical glass vase holds a natural spray of colour on top of a mirrored media unit. The glass doors reflect the natural oak flooring in the room, forming an illusion that the space runs on even further.

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The trick is repeated in a tall wall mirror on the TV wall, which also helps to maximise the amount of natural light inside the room.

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Multi-directional spotlights shine bright at sundown.

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A huge piece of art is propped casually behind a designer accent chair.

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The chair and small side table are like a piece of art in themselves, with their unusual form and finish.

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A wire frame vase decoration perches on top of the eye-catching side table, as though mocking the need for an ‘actual’ decorative vase.

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Sunlight flows into the one wall kitchen area. A family of indoor plants sit by the windows to soak up the rays.

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White glass backsplashes add sheen along the one wall kitchen. A white chimney extractor maintains the uncluttered minimalist vibe.

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An Alessi Juicy Salif citrus squeezer stands like a mini art sculpture on the ice white kitchen bench. A black American-style fridge freezer blocks off the end of the pale kitchen run.

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Moving into a white bedroom design, which is the master, we find a simple pared back furniture arrangement of only a bed and two side tables.

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White wardrobes go almost unnoticed along one side of the room.

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A triangular window area in the bedroom stands separated from the rest of the scheme, almost like a little room on its own.

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Shelves of toy animals make a grey and white bathroom into an inviting space for a kid–sometimes a bit of persuasion is needed to take a bath!

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Fitted bathroom furniture ensures that there is plenty of practical storage inside of the limited space.

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Grey tiles run along the back of the vanity, and serve as a smart mount for a wall hung faucet design. A frameless vanity mirror sleekly tops off the look.

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The kid’s study is a light and welcoming environment with bright accessories and a generous desk/play surface.

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Dog decals add a fun finishing touch to the base of closet doors, and to the desk area. Dog fabric on the seat cushion of a toy storage bench ties in with the canine theme.

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On the other side of the room, pups keep on playing in decal detail around the bed.

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A small powder room is tiled in bright blue tiles.

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Houndstooth fabric covers the seat of an entryway bench, which is a fabric that threads through to bolster cushions on the lounge sofa.

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An entryway table is incorporated onto the same piece of furniture, providing an ideal grab and go spot for keys.

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Floor plan illustrating the open plan family living space as the main hub of the home, from which all the other rooms branch.

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