Interiors That Revel In The Warmth Of Wood

Interiors That Revel In The Warmth Of Wood

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Wood has long been appreciated in interiors for its natural beauty and aesthetically warming properties, and this is as prevalent today as it’s ever been. Modern interiors that are characterised by simple lines and minimalist layouts perhaps stand to gain the most from infusions of gorgeous wood grains, and from the rich tonal element they bring. Cool concrete decor can be counteracted with tiny amounts of timber, and basic white walls transformed with a flash of golden oak. These four home designs showcase wooden decor and accents in a contemporary translation of stylish slatted panels, designer furniture pieces, modern kitchens, unique feature wall ideas and bespoke storage installations, plus smooth herringbone and chevron floors.

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  • Visualizer: Lulu Lee
Natural and neutral, this interior is a calming blend of solid oak elements and beige concrete expanses. Pebble grey textiles introduce a cooler tone into the mix, and help to crisply define the lounge area from the rest of the room.

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A variation of the mid century modern classic Zig Zag-chair by Gerrit Rietveld rests by a TV wall that divides the lounge from the neighbouring kitchen. The room divider also forms a contemporary mantelpiece for a modern linear fireplace.

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A large pendant light dangles low over the side table, where a wood slat panel neatly slides away to reveal a doorway to the bedroom.

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The clean white kitchen is free of frills, but gently warmed along the edges with a run of wooden box shelves.

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Serenity blankets the bedroom. A chunky wooden bedside table and glass vase support an elegant branch over the pillows, so the homeowner can feel as though they’re taking a nap under a shady tree.

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Wooden doors cover a wall of bespoke storage.

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  • Visualizer: Lulu Lee
Our next interior gains an airier feel from high ceilings and wide archways. Oak accents are low-key here except for an eye-catching sculptural chair, which is the Pipa Chair by Alejandro Estrada.

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Curves rule in this sitting room, where a crescent back sofa nibbles at the edge of a circular rug and a round coffee table.

  • 12 |
A rainbow-like archway is the treasure of the room, forming a picture perfect frame around the elegant dining area that stands beyond.

  • 13 |
Concentric circles pattern the pale area rug, cementing the shape theme. Spiced mocha feature walls and colour coordinated doors bring added warmth to the room through blush undertones.

  • 14 |
On the other side of the archway, a dining pendant light hangs from between creamy ceiling beams.

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A second dining spot is situated in the kitchen.

  • 16 |
The kitchen diner is a wood enriched scene, with all wood kitchen cabinets, island and dining set.

  • 17 |
A modern bellflower pendant light blooms over the table.

  • 18 |
Contemporary ceramics make an earthy addition to the natural oak dining table.

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Mocha accent walls slide into the master bedroom.

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The accent colour picks out one corner of the room that’s decorated with wooden wall shelves.

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Colour matched wall art makes up a small gallery over unique solid wood bedside tables.

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  • Visualizer: 932 Designs
This blissful sanctuary of a home is a place for mind and body to rejuvenate.

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Crisp modernity crafts tranquility without distraction.

  • 24 |
Wood clad walls look timeless and luxurious.

  • 25 |
Materials in this home are a colour meld of beige and greige. Fine black accents add definition, like this graceful modern chandelier.

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A black sofa table hugs the back of the curved sofa, which looks outward to expansive views via the balcony.

  • 27 |
A wooden ceiling runs the length of the kitchen installation, carving out a separate zone and changing up the spatial experience.

  • 28 |
An undulating wood feature wall provides an interesting backdrop for the formal dining area.

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Slatted wood panels close around the kitchen island, A black faucet stands out darkly on its smooth wooden worktop.

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A huge window throws natural light onto the wood lined bedroom.

  • 31 |
Wood effect panels line every wall and make coving and closets.

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Oak herringbone flooring zigzags alongside a textured rug, and a chic black table with a designer bedside table lamp.

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  • Visualizer: Jasmin Kodzha
This villa in Istanbul is packed with tactile elements and pebble smooth silhouettes.

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The modern sofa carves out a unique and almost futuristic outline.

  • 35 |
A chaise section pulls off a floating illusion.

  • 36 |
An amazing modern fireplace design scoops out the wall to give amplification to an incredibly narrow arrowslit-like firebox.

  • 37 |
Satin gold accents bring subtle sheen to the interior. A gold chandelier crowns the dining room.

  • 38 |
Black notes are at play here too, in the legs of modern dining chairs, the wall art, decorative vases, and window frames.

  • 39 |
The small kitchen is fashioned as a solid wooden case, simple and absolutely symmetrical. Cabinets are entirely handle-free and there is no countertop overhang on the centred kitchen island. One continuous wood effect panel covers the entire backsplash wall, and the cooker extractor is completely boxed in with matching wood grain.

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A satin gold faucet adds a little pop of luxe to the wood encased kitchen island. A modern fruit bowl pulls in the black base note.

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